Üretim süreci

Print Design

1. Baskı Tasarımı


2. Yazdır

UV Varnish

3.UV Vernik

Scratch Coating

4. Çizik Kaplama

Coated Printing

5. Kaplamalı Baskı


6. Paketleme


Shenzhen KingWin was founded at 2008, it is the largest instant lottery ticket comprehensive service provider of Southern China.Our head office Dongguan KingWin was set up at 2012 as R&D center, providing one-stop lottery program solution, helping clients to develop lottery games, manage lottery system and expand markets. The professional lottery solution service is including motivated ticket designs, successful lottery games, prizes data generation, quality lottery tickets production and lottery management system.The popular products we supply are scratch off lottery tickets, pull tab cards, bingo cards, prepaid cards, security labels, security certificates and direct mail.
    • Yüksek Kalite ve Güvenlik Teknolojisi
    • Veri Doğruluğu
    • Piyango Projesi Çözüm Sağlayıcısı
    • Piyango Kapsamlı Yönetim Sistemi

Endüstri Uygulaması



Lottery can become an important way of betting on sports games, attracting more spectators to pay attention to the games. At the same time, it can also promote the development of the sports industry.


Lotteries and scratch-off lotteries can be an important form of fundraising for schools and educational institutions. These products can help schools raise more funds and provide better educational resources and services.


Lotteries and scratch-off lotteries can be used as a way for charities to raise funds and attract more people to good causes. It can help charities raise more funds and improve the level of social welfare.


Lotteries and scratch-off lotteries can become part of the tourism industry, attracting more tourists to participate in tourism activities. And at the same time, it can also promote the development of tourism.

Bireysel İhtiyaçların Karşılanması

Design and production can be carried out according to the individual needs of customers, which can meet the special needs of customers and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Satisfaction of Individual Needs

Marka İmajı Geliştirme

It can provide customers with unique products and services, help customers establish brand image and brand value, and improve brand awareness and reputation.
Brand Image Enhancement